A little about Kokos Natural

Chirag Aggarwal and I (the founders of Kokos Natural), quit our respective corporate jobs back in 2016, to pursue our passion.

“If you do it with passion, you do it well”

We share a unified vision to educate and spread awareness about a healthy lifestyle- and eating right is a major part of achieving the same.

Today, in spite of the awareness on healthy living, Indians are proven to be more attracted to international superfoods, all along sitting on a wealth of their own.

Our Indian farmers have been striving to provide us the most natural and healthy produce and we, as a society, must enhance and enrich the farmer community as much as we can.

The process of making organic and natural coconut sugar is a lengthy, tiring and labour-intensive job. We noticed that these farmers put their heart and soul in making this beautiful sugar, but their network is very very limited. Our endeavour, as a team, is to help them widen their reach through the country, because they deserve to make their produce a part of every kitchen in India.

When we visited Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu in search of Raw Banana Flour, we came across a farm owned by a hard working farmer family of 12 members. We met with them and realized that these people worked round the clock to produce excellent quality of bananas. We decided to teach them the process of producing Raw Banana Flour ensuring a consistent quality at all times.

Their hard work and readiness to learn coupled with our passion and perseverance made our partnership a fruitful one indeed.

        “It’s so simple, it’s brilliant!”

Alternative Ingredients over Alternative Foods:

Consider this- a middle aged man, say 50 years of age, has grown up eating upma/poha/sheera/dosa/parantha for breakfast. Is it fair to ask him to suddenly replace this with quinoa bowls, oatmeal, muesli or smoothie bowls?

Here is where we come in- we give them a simpler solution so that they do not have to compromise on their favorites. Rather, replace the ingredients with far healthier and more nutritious (Indian) alternatives like Raw Banana Flour, Organic Coconut Sugar and Himalayan Pink Salt, Cassava Flour, Beetroot Powder and many more to come in future.

Just recently, Kokos Natural was awarded the Best Startup of the Year in the Organic Sector by The Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India.

Anuja Jadhav

Co-founder, Kokos Natural

Our Founders

Chirag Aggarwal

MBA in finance, a fitness fanatic and is at the core of Kokos Natural’s operations.

Anuja Jadhav

Masters Degree in Marketing from London, and having worked with top MNCs in FMCG, plays a big role in the overall strategy and branding.