Tropikoko Organic Coconut Sugar

With the sweetness similar to cane sugar, our organic coconut sugar is one of the best substitute sweetener which is 100% organic. Our coconut sugar is obtained from the Coconut Nucifera grown in abundance in South India. It is minimally processed, unbleached and contains no preservatives. Tropikoko Organic Coconut Sugar is easily one of the healthiest sweeteners for it has a low glycemic Index, low fructose content and trace amounts of various vitamins and minerals.

Nutritional Facts : Per 100g

Energy372.3 Kcal
Protein450 mg
Carbohydrate92.50 g
Fat0.05 g
Calcium40 mg
Iron3.79 ppm
Zinc0.12 ppm
Vitamin B18.0 ppm

Here is a comparison to popular sweeteners:


(mg / 100gm)

Coconut Palm SugarAgave SyrupHoneyMaple SyrupBrown SugarRefined, White Sugar
Nitrogen (N)202NANANA100
Phosphorus (P)7974230
Potassium  (K)1,030152234652.5
Calcium (Ca)401.5667246
Magnesium (Mg)29121471
Sodium (Na)4514921
Chloride (Cl)470NANANA1610
Sulfur (S)26NANANA132
Boron (B)0.6NANANA0
Zinc (Zn)0.12 ppm0.
Manganese (Mn)
Iron (Fe)3.79 ppm10.
Copper (Cu)
Vitamin C23.40.50.5000